Starting this up x

Hey, so I don’t exactly know who is going to be reading this, or if anyone actually ever will end up reading this, it might end up being a thing just for me and my friend (who I’m going to call pyramid because her real name reminds me of them) or it might be so famous I could be on the red carpet winning awards one day. Doubt it.

Anyway, obviously my real name isn’t Lee, but it goes well with my normal name, and staying anonymous as possible is a key factor within this blog. If you haven’t already been able to tell, this whole idea was inspired by the book “Girl Online” and the main character, Penny. I’m not trying to be her in anyway, but from past experiences, I understand that writing feelings, passion and hobbies down on paper or on social media actually can give you a major boost and almost make you feel like someone, somewhere, feels the same way. So this is why I’m starting a blog.

There’s really not much else I can say about myself, my lifestyle, school, family, age, etc; but I can say that I love to read, write, socialize and relate to different people around the world. I highly doubt I’ll be giving off love stories like Penny did in “Girl Online”, but I can promise there will be a lot of high school related, emotional, angry posts. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I hope you (or whoever might be reading this) enjoys my posts, and I hope to get to know some of you in the future.

Lee, signing off xo

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